Invitation to Changing Hands

Farming and ranching is more than a profession, it’s an identity — which can make it a hard thing to retire from.

Even if you’re ready to retire, it can be difficult to identify a successor. And no matter who the next generation is, it can be emotionally, logistically, and financially challenging to transfer the land and business to the next generation.

The stories we all too often hear are about families who lose the farm after the elder farmer passes away. But there are farmers and ranchers who have found creative ways to pass their legacies to the next generation. And there are programs designed to help farmers with succession and business planning.

Beginning in January 2019, Rogue Farm Corps will share real stories from farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest who are transferring their land and businesses to family members as well as non-family members. We’ll also shine a light on skilled aspiring farmers and ranchers who are ready and able to take over a business.

Over the year, you’ll hear from farmers and ranchers that fair is not always equal, and that it’s never too early to start planning. You’ll meet people who can help you transfer your farm or ranch to the next generation, and learn how to minimize the taxes and costs of farm transfer. You’ll also hear how farmers and ranchers found successors who weren’t their children, and how they prepared their successors — family members or not — to take over.

If you are seeking land, transferring land, or conserving land in California, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, see Rogue Farm Corps’ Changing Hands webpage for resources.

Please also join Rogue Farm Corps for our day-long Changing Hands workshops in Baker City on Feb. 13, Medford on Feb. 19, and Corvallis on March 6. Elder farmers and farm families can learn how to transfer the farm, beginning farmers and ranchers can learn how to access land and start a successful business, and landowners can meet aspiring farmers and ranchers who are looking for land and opportunities.