Farm Mentorship

host students on your farm

With the average age of U.S. farmers approaching 60 and only 1% of the U.S. population directly participating in agricultural production, on-farm internships and apprenticeships that provide quality opportunities for future sustainable farmers are more important than ever. Well-trained interns and apprentices are primed to become successful employees, managers, and producers, which increases the pool of farmers, especially younger ones. There are many compelling social and educational reasons to incorporate internship and apprenticeship programs into farm operations. However, these programs entail a great deal of negotiation, patience, energy and time.

Are you a good fit for on-farm mentoring and ready to make hosting students a part of your life and your business? Rogue Farm Corps’ internship and apprenticeship programs are designed to train the next generation of farmers and ranchers through a structured, educational framework that includes on-farm training, classes, farm tours, discussion groups, and independent projects. These programs are designed to meet the legal criteria for unpaid internships and apprenticeships.

Host farmers partner with Rogue Farm Corps and serve as primary mentors for the interns and apprentices on their farm. Host farmers are required to adhere to Rogue Farm Corps’ Standard & Guidelines and be committed to the mission of training new farmers and ranchers.

The focus of all Rogue Farm Corps training programs is mentoring new farmers. If you are primarily seeking labor, these programs are not for you.

The Internship Program is designed for entry-level training. The Apprenticeship Program is designed for advanced-level training.

For all host farms in our programs, Rogue Farm Corps will:

  • Promote all open positions on farms and ranches as part of the Rogue Farm Corps program;

  • Handle the intake of all applications and first round of screening;

  • Co-create on-farm curriculum and training ethics standards for your farm or ranch;

  • Provide class outlines, suggested reading materials, and additional resources for students;

  • Conduct classroom and on-farm educational sessions to complement on-farm/ranch learning;

  • Facilitate farm/ranch tours to other operations for interns and apprentices;

  • Conduct site visits and facilitated evaluation sessions at host farms and ranches to help ensure successful experience for mentors and apprentices;

  • Conduct bi-annual evaluation of interns and apprentices, plus mid-season check-ins and exit interviews;

  • Provide interpretation of labor and employment laws;

  • Provide Internship and Apprenticeship certification;

  • Provide opportunities for college credits;

  • Organize annual kick-off and season debrief meetings for mentors;

  • Organize annual orientation for all program interns and apprentices;

  • Coordinate an alumni network to support graduates of our programs; and

  • Provide a network of mentor farmers across the state.

If you are interested in mentoring interns or apprentices on your farm or ranch, please send an email to Matt Gordon: and include your location, the name of your farm/ranch, and your phone number. Matt can send you a prospective host farm information packet and answer questions you may have.