International Applicants

If you're not a US citizen, you need a legal visa* to participate in the Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) program. RFC does not sponsor visas, so we've partnered with the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA). MESA is a mission-aligned U.S. non-profit organization that sponsors J-1 training and cultural exchange visas for international trainees in sustainable agriculture. To learn more about MESA click here.

Each organization -- RFC and MESA -- facilitates its own training program. Each organization charges program fees. Candidates for RFC must first apply to MESA. MESA charges a $75 application fee to assess your eligibility for the J-1 visa and refer your application to RFC. If MESA agrees to sponsor your U.S. program with RFC, you would then pay MESA’s $1850 U.S. program fee before receiving your J-1 visa application documents. RFC charges $1750 to join our program. Therefore, your total cost to join both program is $3675 USD. In addition, you need to pay Embassy fees of $340, airfare to/from the U.S., and health insurance while in the U.S.

First step for international candidates? Carefully review MESA's program information and apply to MESA. After you apply, email MESA and tell them you want to apply for the RFC program. MESA will then schedule your Skype interview, approve your application, and recommend you directly to RFC for special consideration. If RFC invites you to join, you will also be asked to complete RFC's program application to match you with a RFC Host farm. Once you're matched with a US Host --whether if be a RFC or MESA Host -- MESA will then issue your visa application packet and guide you through the visa process.

*Tourist visas are not valid for US-based training