Farmer Testimonials

Read what farmers are saying about their experience working with RFC.

“As a seasoned farmer that came up through the internship model, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding good farmer mentors for individuals looking for an agricultural education.  The experience gained through working a season on functional farm can propel a new farmer further and faster than any other model I’ve witnessed.  Rogue Farm Corps is an innovative and organized program that offers new farmers placement, support, and perhaps the best opportunity for a well rounded hands on education in the country.  RFC has taken the time to plug in with some of the best family scale farms and farmers in Oregon…this is an awesome opportunity to ‘break’ into agriculture and arrive in a supportive community.  I continue to be impressed with their evolving model.”

Mookie Moss

farmer/organizer/owner of Boones Farm/Siskiyou Crest Goat Dairy, Little applegate valley and founding member of RFC

Jeff and Elise Higley

owners of Oshala Farm

“Having been a host farmer for three seasons, we’ve seen firsthand the difference this internship makes in beginning farmers and host farms alike.  As a farmer it is difficult to weigh the benefits of hosting young farmers.  Fresh energy and enthusiasm bring more to the farm than helping hands; they bring a fresh perspective and inquisitiveness that helps you look at your farm and your farming system through new eyes each season.  There is no educational model I know of that is more effective at growing farmers than the one Rogue Farm Corps has developed. The combination of classes and on-farm work leaves graduates with a work-ready level of knowledge, skills and experience that is critical for success in the farming world.  What amazes us more than anything is the number of graduates that continue on in farming as a career.  There is no faster path from interested student to capable farmer.”

“I can not say enough about what a positive and valuable experience working with the Rogue Farm Corps, and having a our own fabulous intern has been for the farm and me personally. Every part of the program, from the beginning to end was well thought out and executed. We are very much looking forward to next year and being part of this again. I would highly recommend participatingin this program to any farm that has space for an intern. They say the highest form of learning is teaching, and when you have to look at what you are doing on your farm through the eyes of an intern you gain new perspectives. Thanks to all of those, who I know work more hours and harder than they are paid, for making this happen.” ~ Angela Andre, farm manager of Berggren Demonstration Farm

angela andre

FARM manager, Berggren Demonstration Farm

Jack Richardson

Owner, Organic Redneck

“Rogue Farm Corps has helped us recruit and retain great intern applicants. It has a great mission and fills a much needed void, in facilitating the education of the next generation of farmers; and we are privileged to be a part of that. While there are many challenges in working with farms, farmers, interested Interns and all while maintaining a strong educational structure; the most valuable part of Rogue Farm Corps had been its’ openness to input and ability to adapt to the needs of the farms and interns. I think it will continue to grow and evolve and will be a very valuable part in bringing a new wave of young farmers.” 

“Rogue Farm Corps’ FarmsNext program was a great compliment to our farm offering educational opportunities, off farm events, and practical support for both intern and farmer! We are looking forward to collaborating again next season."

Christine Deck

Owner, Deck Family Farm