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Did you know that the largest age group of farmers in the USA is over 65*?  This, combined with the fact that up to half of all farmland in the U.S. is predicted to change hands in the next 10-15 years, means training and ensuring a land base for the next generation has never been more important.

together, we can do this

Rogue Farm Corps is part of a growing movement that is transforming agriculture in our communities from the ground up. We are connecting aspiring farmers with agricultural professionals who provide skills training, experiential education, and classroom learning. These new farmers will play a crucial role in creating healthy and renewed local economies.

Together, with your support, our education and farm preservation programs will ensure a new generation of stewards are prepared with the land, knowledge and tools they need to succeed in these challenging times.

Thank you!

For more information or to discuss other ways to support our work, email Stu, our Executive Director, or call: 541-951-5105.

*US Department of Agriculture, Census of Agriculture, 2012

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