what to expect

We want you to be prepared for the rigorous nature of the Rogue Farm Corps Internship Program. While you are learning, you will be putting in full days training on your host farm. Farming can be very tedious and repetitive. There is no doubt that you will question the educational value of your experience from time to time. Interns can expect to be challenged physically and emotionally. However with the support of mentor farmers and RFC staff, participants are able to learn valuable life-long skills through their experience.

RFC's Internship Program differs from other farm education programs or WWOOFing programs because it offers more hands-on ‘in the field’ training hours than any other program. Throughout the season you will be training with and learning from your mentor farmer on a regular basis. You can also expect to train as a part of a team of interns and/or employees (depending on your host farm), and independently as you gain skills and competence.

You will be exposed to many aspects of what it takes to successfully run a viable agricultural enterprise by people who are making their livelihood from the land.

With around 15 farm tours, you will see numerous farms, farmers, and their operations.

Our classes are taught by expert farmers and agricultural professionals, giving you first-hand knowledge from some of the pioneers of sustainable agriculture.

The social network created through the Internship Program offers camaraderie, peer-to-peer information exchange, community networking opportunities and fun events throughout the season (like camp outs, potlucks, team relay races, parties, and skill exchange workshops).

You will live and train in some of the most beautiful and wild places in the country.  Oregon offers unparalleled access to vast farmland, vibrant communities, wild forests, mountains, desert canyons, rivers, beaches and more!

You will have access to a wide array of opportunities and be able to learn from professionals about various aspects of the whole food system, from Farm to School to food security and access, production and distribution to processing and marketing. Make the experience your own and take advantage of these resources!

With perseverance, dedication, and support from host farmers, most interns are able to succeed and overcome the daily challenges of the experience. RFC staff is always available to offer support, assistance, and reflections from our experience as farmers and educators.

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