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Turnip the Beat: Full for 2019

Turnip the Beet is located in Noti, OR, just 20 miles west of Eugene on the way to the coast. We care for 17 acres of land, five of which are in rotational vegetable cultivation. The remaining acreage consists of forest, a small orchard, and riparian areas that serve as wildlife habitat. We are a diversified, small-scale, family farm growing certified organic vegetables for the Eugene area community. 

Established in 2012, we grow over 40 varieties of annual vegetables. We employ 4-5 people seasonally. John and Lela both work full time on the farm are are involved in every aspect of the daily operations. 

At TBF, we market our produce to a 70 member Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, local Farmers' Markets, and wholesale accounts. We grow everything from Arugula to Zucchini but some of the crops we are best know for are Melons, Tomatoes, Winter Squash, and of course Turnips and Beets!

The purpose of the apprenticeship at TBF is to provide real life training for future small-scale farmers. Our goal is that apprentices could leave here with enough basic experience to begin a career in farming, or that they can learn skills that will come in handy for starting their own farm someday. We will focus primarily on training efficient methods for planting, cultivation, and harvesting. 


Spring-early summer: Transplanting starts by hand in the field. Installing and removing agricultural row cover. Harvesting, processing and packing produce. Record keeping. Opportunity to work the Saturday Farmers Market. Filling wholesale orders. Weeding with hand tools. 

Mid Summer: Same tasks as Spring but with an extra emphasis harvest and weeding. Pruning and trellising tomatoes, spreading organic amendments/fertilizers. Opportunity for irrigation and equipment training. Packing weekly CSA shares.

Late Summer-Fall: Same tasks as Spring and Summer but with an extra emphasis harvest and Planting for Fall and over wintering crops. 

Instruction and training will be provided via hands on, in the field experience, with Lela and John. It is our hope that as the season goes along, the apprentice will be available to be given more and more independence and responsibility on the farm. As a part of the team, training along side other field crew members, the apprentice will be continually encouraged to challenge themselves. Time management, quality control, and multitasking are all things that will be trained at the beginning of the season, but are really learned through the practice of farming over the course of several months and years.

Time Off: In order to minimize the disruption to the daily operations, crew members are expected not to miss work between June 1 - Sept. 30, except for Rouge Farm Corps classes, illness, doctor's appointments, etc. During the rest of the year, crew members are expected to schedule time off in advance, and make up hours prior to their absence.


We are looking for reliable, responsible and hardworking individuals that are able to follow directions and communicate well with others. Apprentices must be available to begin the first week of April and commit to staying through the growing season, which typically ends with our last CSA, mid to late November. Excellent people skills, initiative, and the ability to work well both independently and as a team are necessary. The physical ability to use hands, wrists, knees and back, to walk much of the day, to stoop, kneel, lift and maneuver and to lift 50 pounds regularly are required.  Expect early mornings and long days outside in all weather conditions including rain, snow and daily summer heat of 90-100 degrees. Start at sun up and finish when the days tasks are complete; peak season this means 40+ hrs per week.

The duration of commitment is April 1st - Thanksgiving. An In-person interview is preferred. At least one year of production farming experience is required. It is essential that candidates are committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it demands. A strong desire to farm and live the farming lifestyle is required and absolutely necessary to succeed as an apprentice and in farming!


No room or board offered. Apprentices will be offered minimum wage pay their first season at our farm.

John and Lela

John and Lela