Wandering Fields- Full for 2017

Wandering Fields is a small scale certified organic family farm in the Little Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. We grow a diversity of crops for both local farmer’s markets and a cooperative CSA program (the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative).  Organic flower and vegetable seed production is our other main focus and we grow contract seed crops for several companies, comprising over half of our field production. We have a young orchard entering its 3rd season, raspberries and strawberries, a large basketry willow planting, and a native plant hedge for pollinator habitat, beauty, and medicinal use.  We also lease a neighboring field which has allowed us to expand our seed production by providing isolation for a number of key seed crops. 


Interns will learn about and participate in the following tasks throughout the farming season: greenhouse seeding and propagation, field preparation, perennial fruit maintenance, compost and mulch application, cover cropping, irrigation layout, transplanting, mechanical and hand cultivation, harvest, wash/pack, seed harvest, threshing, winnowing, wet seed extraction/fermentation, etc. 

Interns will train approximately 40 hours a week, with seasonal dips and surges (less in spring, more in fall, slowing again in winter). Our growing and marketing season is year-round. We have a preference for folks who can commit for the entire RFC season, April 1 through October 31, with potential for a longer stay if it works out.


Farming is physically demanding and rewarding. We are seeking folks with the following attributes: a good attitude, the ability to communicate clearly, a sense of order, cleanliness and efficiency, and authentic interest in farming as a trade.


Interns will have a spacious canvas wall or bell tent as their own personal space. There will be access to the following shared spaces: an indoor kitchen, bathroom, shower, sauna, and composting toilet. Details of room and board/stipend arrangement to be discussed upon interview. 


Ben, Kristina, and Siana

Ben, Kristina, and Siana