DD Ranch: Full for 2019

DD Ranch is a 200 acre cattle ranch approximately 2 miles from Smith Rock State Park. It is a very scenic property with views of Smith Rock and the Cascade mountains. 155 of the 200 acres are irrigated with a mixture of hand lines, wheel lines and flood irrigation.  We also operate another 200-300 acres for grazing cattle and/or growing hay. We have rocky outcroppings with Juniper groves as well and a wildlife corridor. We are approximately 3 miles from the town of Terrebonne, 6 miles from Redmond, 25 miles to Bend, 25 miles to Madras and 20 miles to Prineville. Smith Rock State Park offers climbing, hiking, running, horseback riding, and camping.

Living at the ranch currently, we have the previous owner, Mike Duggan, current owners, Linda and Jeff Anspach and their 4 kids and 2 employees. We are primarily a grass fed beef operation (also offering grass fed lamb, heritage pork, eggs, raw honey and pumpkins). We also grow hay. We have bees on the property but they are cared for by someone else. We offer a significant amount of agritourism, including weddings, birthdays, Easter egg hunt, month long pumpkin patch and Country Christmas. We sell our products via farmers markets, here at the ranch, through our CSA and through wholesalers. We utilize a backhoe, older Massey Ferguson tractor and newer Kubota tractor for various things – such as loading bales for feeding, getting bales off of the ground, and running haying equipment. Other equipment includes: baler, stock trailers, manure spreaders, swather, rake, and 4 wheelers. No sprays are used on weeds.

We have 4 children, 17, 15, 11 and 8 whom are involved at various levels with ranch work.  The three older ones have significant sports commitments. Jeff and Linda both run and have backgrounds in swimming and cycling as well.  We love to travel and have travelled extensively in the past. Linda had a dream of ranching after getting very involved with the Weston A Price foundation and had a goal of growing the kind of food we wanted to eat as well as provide it to our local community.  We both speak Spanish, though not fluently. Jeff loves riding motorcycles and Linda loves riding horses. The ranch has been in operation with the same things that are currently offered since 2000. It was a hay and cattle ranch previously.


At DD Ranch, an intern will get significant exposure to all aspects of our business – from helping with sheep, pigs, cattle, horses, poultry, goats, planting and caring for pumpkins, hay production, irrigation, farmer’s markets, weddings, pumpkin patch, weekly staff meetings, and possibly accounting/business management, if desired. We try to foster a learning environment here and of course are still learning ourselves.  We bring in outside experts to help where needed to train staff. Because we operate a livestock operation with twice daily feedings, and move irrigation water twice daily, our farm is a 7 day a week operation. We will expect 40 hours of training a week over a 7 day period. Regular day(s) off will be negotiated around the ranch’s other employees.


In the beginning, the intern will train side by side with either a ranch hand or owner.  After mastery of skills, some tasks might be expected to be alone, especially simpler ones. Our days vary significantly depending on whether it’s time to hay or work cattle, so priorities are set at the weekly staff meeting. Must be able to be independent.  Must be able to tolerate being in the heat, cold, sun, wind, and other elements. Good physical condition is very important. Previous experience with horses, cattle and irrigation would be the most desirable.  We operate the ranch mostly on horseback but a 4 wheeler can be used for non-riders.


Housing will be provided on site, in either an RV or glam tent, choice left to intern.  The RV has its own bathroom and shower. If tenting is preferred, we will have both a shower tent and porta potty stationed nearby as well as the use of the Anspach’s bathrooms is an option. Intern can use barn kitchen and would be expected to keep it clean enough for the public to see.  

Most food will be provided – meat, honey, eggs will be provided by the ranch and a refrigerator will be stocked with other basics.  We are not vegetarian as we are in the meat business. We have 4 children and no smoking or drug use is allowed on the ranch. Responsible use of alcohol is fine. We have the public on our property very frequently so applicant must be able to work with people in a courteous and friendly manner, and must mind their language when public/children are present, etc. It would be ideal for an intern to visit the ranch to be sure they are clear about what the living conditions and work environment would be like. More details on the room, board, and stipend package will be discussed during the interview process.

Linda & Jeff Anspach + Family

Linda & Jeff Anspach + Family