Easy Valley Farm: Full for 2018

Easy Valley Farm is a small diversified four season vegetable farm growing intensively on two acres. We have a total of 19 acres which includes pasture, woods and a seasonal creek and are located at the mouth of the beautiful Evans Valley, three miles from the little town of Rogue River and I-5.

Our highly visible location allows us the opportunity to sell our produce directly to the community we live in through our ‘soon to be award winning’ farm stand and local restaurants. We grow organically and are always looking for new ways to improve our relationship with the soil and we are excited to share what we’ve learned.


Interns interested in joining us between April 1 and Nov 1, 2018 will be learning all aspects of small scale vegetable production, including greenhouse, field work and farm management skills which includes marketing, seed ordering, farm planning and record keeping. Though following instructions is important, we encourage independent thinking and creative problem solving.

We expect students to train an average of 40 hours a week and though we try to schedule training around the weather, often times we have to be out in the heat, cold or rain.

A good attitude, sense of humor and a love of music go a long way, especially when the summer work gets intense. You will become part of our farm and part of a fun and friendly farming community. You will also be involved in a growing business that is moving toward value added products, seed production and Agritourism.


As an intern, you will be accommodated with a detached living space, a shared bathroom and laundry facility, an outdoor kitchen stocked to cook your own meals. We will have a weekly dinner meeting to discuss progress and any interests or concerns, and a weekly field walk to get a sense of the big picture. We are committed to making this a good experience and believe in keeping the lines of communication open. We hope that you have a car because we encourage you to explore the area in your time off, but town is accessible by foot or bike. We will provide a monthly stipend. The details of the room, board, and stipend package will be discussed during the interview process.

 Tina & Cos

Tina & Cos