Pine Mountain Ranch- Full for 2017

Pine Mountain Ranch is located just 6 miles east of Bend on 41 acres. Surrounded on one side by BLM and close to the Badlands. We are ranchers currently raising Bison and Tibetan yaks. We are a blended family: Alan and Loretta and our children Madison, Nicole and Natasha.

We use rotational grazing and intense irrigation management to graze our 100 yaks and 65 bison.  During the summer season some yaks are sent to partner ranches where we lease their pastures for grazing.

Our main focus for marketing our meat is farmers markets in Bend and Portland. We have a store on the ranch that is currently open Fridays from 11 to 3. We attend the Bend Farmers Market on Wednesdays and the Portland Farmers Markets on Saturday and Sunday.

RESPONSIBILITIES & Training schedule

As an intern you will be expected to help with all the daily duties of an operating ranch.   Primary is moving irrigation and  animal health and welfare.  We do not start early in the day as we usually don't end until sunset. During the hot summer days we take a break in the afternoons. Weekend obligations will be required as we rotate between staying on the ranch and going to Portland for the farmers markets.  We train every day of the week, that's the ranching life, however we aren't up early and the pace is steady. We will work with you to determine days off. Time may be  spent on a tractor dragging pastures or in the truck transporting livestock. Tasks can include heavy lifting from time to time, there's plenty of opportunity to weld or mechanical work on our 5 tractors.  We will also be repairing fencing this year.

You will train alongside Alan for every task until you are proficient in the skill. We strive to have fun. There's beauty and great energy in every chore. Bald eagles will keep an eye on you while you move irrigation or pound fence posts and baby yaks will play tag with you.


Housing is a room in the barn with a sink, microwave, refrigerator.  You are responsible for your own meals but we will provide you with some meat. You will be able to trade for items at the farmers markets. We encourage you to socialize off the ranch but for liability reasons discourage visitors.  There aren't any household duties and you will have access to a washer and dryer. The details of the room, board, and stipend package will be discussed during the interview process.


You must be physically fit and have good stamina. Ranch life involves walking miles every day. There is a bicycle for your use. We encourage you to find a project that interests you and develop it with our support. We have bee hives, a greenhouse, landscaping projects, tiny houses to be built for example. This year we are developing an agritourism venue on the ranch as another marketing and revenue generator.  We intend to use crowd funding, host tours and place a tipi on the ranch.  

The season begins in May and runs all the way to November. We will work the internship around the ideal candidates.  Pre-placement visit is encouraged and transportation is necessary except for bicycles.

Alan and Loretta

Alan and Loretta