Fairfield Farm

Fairfield Farm is a certified organic, 17 acre farm located 11 miles south of Corvallis. The farm specializes in strawberries and is known for being one of the few certified organic u-pick strawberry farms in the State.  Along with an acre of berries, there’s a diversified orchard, a small barn that is home to several different animals, a large home garden, 8 acres hay/pasture, and five acres of woods.

Interns can expect to train 35-40 hours a week on all aspects of the farm.  Likely 6 hours a day, 6 days a week with some flexibility.

An intern will be expected to participate in four main components of the farm.

  1. Caring for animals – all seasons.

  2. Irrigating, weeding, & planting – mostly spring.

  3. Customer service & managing the picking crew – summer.

  4. Harvesting & processing strawberries, deliveries, late season farmer’s markets – summer & fall.

The animals on the farm consist of one horse and two mini horses, two alpacas, three goats, a pot belly pig, twenty chickens, and four cats--all are pets. There is a large home garden to tend that provides the farm meals all summer long. The greenhouse is used to start seeds in the spring and a holding ground for ornamental plants over the winter.  There are also opportunities for other projects on the farm such as designing an off-grid water system.


Fairfield Farm is seeking an intern that is curious about farming, willing to work hard, and open to learning about the many aspects of farming.  The intern that comes to Fairfield Farm will learn all that Alice has come to know about strawberries, along with how to tie a trucker’s hitch knot, the essential Pythagorean theorem, and all the other ins and outs Alice has learned from her twenty plus years of farming.


Interns will have a room in a 5 bedroom farm house.  Interns will be sharing the space with the farmer.  The farmer is a flexible vegan, and while not a requirement, having an intern with a similar diet habit is encouraged.  The farm will provide most ingredients for meals (but does not purchase meat or dairy products) with much of it coming out of the home garden. Meals will sometimes be shared and other times be on your own.