Barking Moon Farm: Full for 2018

Barking Moon Farm produces from five to seven acres of organic vegetables in the heart of the Applegate Valley. We are a family-run business with two children, Everett, 10 and Ava, 7. We primarily grow certified organic vegetables, herbs and grains. We live on a ten-acre homestead where we do some of our production in our seven greenhouses, and lease three other adjoining parcels where we do most of our production located six miles away.

We have a mix of permanent employees, students, and seasonal workers that work on the farm. We sell to farmers’ markets around the valley as well as grocery stores and restaurants. We also sell vegetables to the Siskiyou Cooperative CSA. We run a winter CSA program and much of our production system centers on growing storage and winter crops.

Students who live and work on our farm will learn all aspects of running a diversified, organic vegetable farm including marketing, planting, harvesting, packing, greenhouse propagation and some cultivation.


In the spring, students spend a lot of time in the greenhouses and will learn how to manage plants for optimum conditions. Planting is also a major component of the spring season. In summer and fall, we focus on harvest and maintenance of crops, as well as marketing. Students spend at least one day a week at a farmers’ market, either with the farm-owner or running their own market booth. Students also become exposed to CSA and wholesale marketing through order pack and CSA pack. In the fall, students spend time preparing crops for storage and drying. The winter focuses on projects like building hoophouses, expanding infrastructure and providing vegetables to CSA members.

Training Schedule

Students will train 40 – 50 hours/week depending on the time of the season — we may train less in the spring, more in the summer, and then it levels off again in the fall. Students receive two days off per week and a one-week vacation. We spend a lot of time training students on our particular whole farm system – much of the learning comes back to them after spending a whole season learning by doing.


We have two travel trailers available, laundry, high-speed internet, propane stoves and heat, outdoor warm shower, composting toilet, and unlimited vegetables from the farm. We provide room, board, and an education stipend. The details of the room, board, and stipend package will be discussed during the interview process. We do not allow drugs or smoking on the farm, and we cannot accommodate pets.


We are looking for season-long students who want to learn how to run a small-scale vegetable farm with some focus on diversifying a homestead and storage/winter crops.

  Josh, Everett, Melissa & Eva

Josh, Everett, Melissa & Eva