Windflower Farm: Full for 2018

Windflower Farm is a bio-diverse, 20-acre farm located in the pastoral community of Alfalfa, just 15 miles East of Bend. Central Oregon is renowned for mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts and all manner of outdoor recreation. For social activities and entertainment, downtown Bend has a vibrant, urban culture.

We grow gourmet-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cut flower bouquets as well as AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) laying hens, dairy goats and heritage pigs. We use only organic and sustainable practices, no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Greenhouses, windbreaks and rock walls increase radiant warmth for tender seedlings and extend the productive season. Crop rotation, cover crops, home-grown compost, and the planting of flowers that attract beneficial insects ensure a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

Our markets include a CSA, as well as acclaimed chefs from Brasada Ranch Resort and Pronghorn Golf Club. We also sell wholesale through our distributor, Agricultural Connections. Our cut-flower clients include Newport Market, local weddings and events.


The diversity and small-scale of our farm promises a full educational journey for farm interns who get first-hand knowledge of all aspects of sustainable farming and conscientious animal husbandry from soil to market. Activities range from sowing, watering, transplanting, harvesting, weeding, feeding and care of animals and milking goats. Marketing, branding, client communications and quality control are aspects of farming business that are a constant topics of conversation in the fields and an important aspect of the intern experience.


We seek out interns who are eager, honest, good-natured, independent, physically fit and have a strong work ethic. We also have a small horse operation and prior horse experience, although not necessary, would be a plus. Applicants must have their own transportation and be independently-minded.


Living facilities are clean, furnished, heated, and include private bedroom, kitchen facilities and shared bathroom. Interns are responsible for their own meals. The farm supplies extra produce as it becomes available. Although the farm is active and sociable during the work-week, weekends on the farm are quiet. Details of the room, board, and stipend package will be discussed during the interview process.

We strive to have a happy, sympatico working crew that is always learning and inspired by each other and by our joint adventure in farming.

  Gigi and Rosie

Gigi and Rosie