Taylor Fridrich

Farm Hand
Flora Bella Farms
Three Rivers, CALIFORNIA

RFC Host Farm: Fiddlehead Farm
Graduated: 2015


Since completing a season with Rogue Farm Corps at Fiddlehead Farm in 2015, Taylor has tried out a few paths within agriculture. She managed a farmers market for a summer, worked a few months in heirloom seed sales, and now is finally back in the fields as a full-time farm hand for Flora Bella Farms, a small organic operation in Three Rivers, CA. Taylor’s current goal is to pursue a career with NRCS to support small farmers in accessing resources for infrastructure projects and conservation.  

Taylor writes: 

“I’m so happy I participated in Rogue Farm Corps because it gave me the opportunity to build fundamental farming skills in a safe, positive and educational environment. I feel more confident in my farming and more employable within agricultural jobs. Hopefully I can have my own operation one day, but I think that will be a project for the future. Thank you RFC for the education, thoughtful programming, and long lasting farmer friends!”