Becca Conaway

Working Hands Farm
Hillsboro, OREGON

RFC Host Farm: Organic Redneck
RFC CHAPTER: South Willamette
graduated: 2015


After interning at Organic Redneck for the 2015 season, Becca stayed on for the 2016 season as their Prop House Manager, CSA manager and field crew.  She now works at Working Hands Farm, a CSA only farm with just over 120 weekly members. She is their first and only part time employee. She also helps out with another small, market farm, called Stoneboat several times a month. Since farming with WHF as a part time farmer, she has definitely grown a new appreciation for being able to live where she works as she did in her previous seasons farming.  Working part time as a farmer is lovely and she does acknowledge and appreciate that by August she doesn't feel any burn out or physical fatigue, but she misses the strong connection with the farm.  RFC has directed her in her agricultural career and goals mostly by fortifying connections within the ag community.  It also diversified her background and knowledge on multiple aspects of farming which has helped her solidify jobs that she’s went after.  It has also helped her know where to look for information that would be obscure otherwise.  In her words,
“I love farming, and definitely want to continue in this realm. Nothing is more satisfying than working outside, being surrounded by food and serving my community.  In the future, I would like to get more involved with non-profit farming.  It's still hard to tell if I will have my own farm, as I know its a lot of time/money/commitment, but I am certain that I want to stick in the world of food systems, especially food access and education.”