Changing Hands story Series

Beginning in January 2019, Rogue Farm Corps is curating compelling stories of how transitioning land from one generation to the next is possible. The Changing Hands Story Series will highlight a variety of agricultural operations from the Pacific Northwest.

The stories we often hear are about families who lose the farm after the elder farmer passes away. But there are farmers and ranchers who have found creative ways to pass their legacies to the next generation. There are also many resources designed to help farmers with succession and business planning.

Here, we share inspirational stories of farmland transition within families and to non-family members alike. These stories will touch on the use of innovative tools like working lands easements and conservation incentives as part of the solution. And we’ll shine a light on skilled aspiring farmers and ranchers who are ready and able to take over a business.

These stories are also running in the Capital Press - the west's most prominent agricultural publication, with circulation to California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

If you have a story to share, please get in touch.